Useful Contacts

Mrs. BREANDA Chantal

Repatriation Officer


Mr. RWAHAMA Jean Claude

Director of Refugee Unit


Mr. GAYIRA Yassin Kagaba

Repatriation Officer


Repatriation and Reintegration

The family of NIYOYIGIRA Veronique and MAYIRA Thadee has registered great achivements after their repatriation.
Theoneste BAVUGAMENSHI owns a renown workshop in his village at Kiramuruzi trading center.
( Left)Uwamukama Domina, returned in 2009 from DRC, she was trained in tailoring skills (2013).
Hagabimana Emmanuel returned from DRC in 2011, he aspires a bright future after completing carpentry skills training.
All Rwandans participate to free and fair elections.